My mobile was sinking due to a battery problem and I had taken it to the service center. The technician there told me that I had to leave the phone with them for couple of days and also that the entire data in the phone will be lost as the latest OS had to be installed anyway. I had no option but to say ‘yes’ and move on.

As I sat there, I quickly scanned to see what all I needed to capture in my mind, before I handed over the phone. I called my wife and said that I would not be reachable for another 2 hrs (as I can be online with my spare phone, only after I reach home) and also informed my offshore counterpart and handed over the phone to the service center.

As I came out of the service center, I felt a new sense of freedom!!. Whaooo…no one can contact me for the next 2 hours at least and I can roam free, most importantly, no calls from customer!!!. As I walked on, I felt a disconnection from the world, a world where we have been so used to be ‘connected’ all the time. A connection which has become a part of our life. A connection which is very hard to forego.

But, at the same time, do we have such a connection with our Lord?. Do we feel very different when we are not able to have a connection with him or walk far away from His connection?.

How do we feel in such situations?. Do we long to draw back to Him and be connected all the time?. The connections of this world and the connection of the phone can seize to exist but His connection should always be ON, so that we hear His voice, listen to Him and be guided by Him in all our walks of life. This is very essential. As the Lord has asked us to abide in Him always, are we connected with Him??

John 15:7 – ‘If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you’

As you read this message, if your connection with our Lord has been disconnected or lost, pl get connected again. It is a great feeling to be connected with the Lord and be online with Him always. A connection that will never fail and will not loose coverage forever.

He is reachable always!!!

(The Author is a Manager with one of the software MNCs in Chennai – he can be contacted through the Editor (CCF) –   )