This testimony is on the general goodness of God in all the work done by me during my mission trip to Sri Lanka from Oct 2nd to Oct 4th 2009.

– “Praise God”. God relocated Bro.Christie, (with whom I have been involved in CCF ministry) to Sri Lanka 3 to 4 months ahead for his own mission / ministry calling so that he could be the main coordinator of my mission trip. Every single event, my transportation to the events, my food & shelter was arranged by Bro.Christie. I “Praise God” for he works everything in accordance with His larger plan for our lives.

– “Praise God”. Every single need with respect to the finance was met & I was also able to give the surplus generated as an offering for the betterment of Sri Lankan people.

– “Praise God”. Bro.Christie was able to able to meet / reconnect with his friend after a gap of 10 long years during the “Glory of Christ Prayer Church” service in which I was preaching at Wattala.

– “Praise God”. During the course of my teaching / preaching assignments.2 youngsters who had completed Bible College & were now silent (Not active) decided to re-dedicate their lives to ministry.

– “Praise God”. Many Church pastors have decided to encourage & start corporate fellowships among their Church congregations. A couple of pastors have agreed to start fellowships among plantation workers & other similar groups of believers.

– “Praise God”. I was able to sustain energy to preach at 3 Church services and a pastoral committee meeting on Sunday. It was God alone who sustained me with tireless energy during this mission trip.

– “Praise God”. Though I am an unknown person in Sri Lanka , through Bro.Christie & the Lord’s blessing I was able to meet many top Sri Lankan Christian / Secular leaders and meet, fellowship & pray with them. For Ex: One meeting with the committee of the Hatton Pastors Fellowship was in the house of the PA of the Social Development Minister of SriLanka .

On the whole, I can only say that the Lord personally cares for and blesses every single activity carried out under the sun in his name. May the Lord alone be glorified & may every single credit of this successful mission trip go only to him & him alone.

 “Praise God

With Best Regards,

V.Chacko Jacob