“Winning horse doesn’t know why it runs in the race.  It runs because of beats and pains.  The larger you get pain, the stronger you achieve.  Life is a race, win it. “ 


Yesterday, I received this SMS, which urged me to ponder on the race that we run.

Is it the ‘survival of the fittest’ race in the corporate jungle?  Or is it the race of

patience and endurance that focuses on the end of the race?

Christian life is a race.   It’s a race of faith.  Here the contestants are people washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, gifted with the precious jewel of salvation and set in their tracks to run the race and reach the finish line.  Here the criterion is not about who reaches first, but who reaches the finish line without losing the ‘salvation’ jewel.  That precious jewel can be lost while running the race, if we sidetrack.

Thank God, unlike the ‘Winning horse’ mentioned in the SMS; we know the reason why we are in the race.  The goal is Jesus Himself – to be with Him in the heavens forever.  Moreover, we don’t run the race because of beats and pains; but we run with the heavenly hope of receiving the crown of life.  Even so, we have ‘cheer leaders’ and supporters (angelic beings, fellow Christians and above all the Holy Spirit – who resides in us) to enable us to run with grace and strength.

On the other side, Sweet Jesus, the King of kings is holding the reward for the winners!  In this race there can be millions of winners, but a certain reward exists for all who finish with the ‘salvation’ jewel.  Oh, that’s really encouraging. isn’t it?  So, “looking unto the author and finisher of our faith – Jesus, let us run the race.”

Praise God!!