Last night I was reading about a judge who had to judge a Judge!!. It was interesting but disappointing. It was a case about a man, sorry God, sorry God-Man.

Yes! you’ve got it, it was about Jesus. Am talking to you about the trail of Jesus. Some one said it was Pilate who was facing the trail. True.

Pilate had to make a decision. A choice. Pilate had to choose between Truth and Lie, Way and Broad way, Life and Death.

In short, he had to choose between his JOB and JESUS.

He knew that if he didn’t crucify Jesus, he had to crucify his Job. If he didn’t satisfy the crowd, they will throw him out of his job. And for him Jesus was not as important as His Job. Am I striking a cord in some ones heart?

In this IT era, oh how we love our job. We are proud of it. We talk about it. We spend most of our time working. Most of us live for our Job.

Should we not love Jesus alone? Should we not be proud of Jesus alone? Should we not spend most of our time with Jesus?. Should we not live for Him?

 Pilate had to make a choice! Pilate tried 5 times to deliver Jesus. Jesus was silent. The crowd said Crucify Him. I suppose the silence of Jesus was louder than the crowd’s uproar. Bible says “their” voice prevailed.

In spite of knowing the truth, he chose not to choose and ultimately choose his Job over Jesus.

Yes we too have crowd saying choose your Job. Honor it. Love it. Job is your life.

But we have to choose. Don’t let your Job rule you.

Did Pilate ever regret his decision? We don’t know.

But for sure you will, if you don’t Choose Jesus over your Job.

Whom do you serve, Jesus or your Job?

Remember you can only serve ONE!!!

by the Prodigal Son