Taste and see that the Lord is Good    Ps34:8

Most familiar verse from the Bible even a child will recite it effortlessly. Does that make this verse as simple as it looks? The interesting question here, is King David telling us that the Lord is good as he was escaping from king Achish of whom he was afraid? Taste does not mean test.  Test and experience are two different actions based on our strength of Faith. I would like to share with you the positive side of Faith, which is experiencing it. Consider Ps 62:5 “For my expectation is from Him.”(KJV) What is your expectation for June? It could be anything according to your needs. But where are you looking at, to get it for you. You can look forward to people or whatever your rational mind suggests. But have you applied your faith and expected it to come from the Lord? That is how David could declare God is good even when he was fleeing for his life. Through the life threatening situation he experienced the goodness of God. Many times we give higher status to earthly resources through critical times, than we do to God. If you trust on the unchangeable God and receive your need, then you have experienced that the Lord is good. The situation may be totally negative but still you can experience the Goodness of God if you obey and practice His word.

Psalms 115:12 “The Lord has been mindful of us; he will bless us.” Every one of us in our life time has gone through or could be going through loneliness. I do not mean physical loneliness but mental or emotional loneliness. You may have everything like father mother or you may be living with your wife/husband or living with children. But in spite of all this relationship you may feel lonely and may not be able to share your inner feelings. This loneliness is not unique to us but prophet like Elijah was not spared. The word of the Lord came to him “what are you doing here Elijah?” Then he expresses his loneliness that the Israelites have rejected your covenant and put your prophets to death and I am the only one left and now they are after me (1 Kings 19:10). From his answer it is clear he was going through loneliness and the fear of death. Are you feeling left alone in the midst of your family, friends or at work place. If you can claim the promise and believe (cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you 1 Peter5:7)) with all your heart, and the Lord is mindful of you and he will come to bless you, that is where you experience the goodness of God.

Isaiah 30:18 “For the Lord is a God of Justice.”You are a person of integrity and honesty before God and men. But you miss increments your promotion, unexpected loss, or fail to get children admitted in good school. Our human nature says why me, not others. Do not be disheartened.  “Blessed are those who wait on the Lord. He will restore what you have lost in double measure. In the month of June you will enjoy the double portion of His goodness. God bless you.

Eric sundararaj
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