The book of Daniel starts with an unfortunate episode where it says, ‘the Lord delivered the king of Judah to Babylon’. If you look at the history behind, God always wanted the Israelites to be faithful to Him. But they very often failed and disappointed God by their transgressions. It was during the time of Jehoiakim that the Lord finally gave up and delivered them to a heathen king. It is obvious that during the conquest of Babylon, the Israelites were in the pinnacle of sins. II Kings 24:8 says that “He (Jehoiakim) did evil in the eyes of the Lord, just as his fathers had done”.

A kingdom under an evil king who had followed the evil of his fore-fathers- this was the prevailing scenario. People forgot God and His commandments and were deep down in sin. The later part of this chapter talks about a young handsome man named Daniel. I was so surprised when I read about Daniel because it was during such a state of ungodliness that Daniel still kept his faith in God. Though the Bible doesn’t tell about Daniel’s ancestry, it is surprising to know that He held on to God even when the people around him and the king sinned against God.

I’ve got a message for you! “It doesn’t mean where you are but it is what you are that costs” I could imagine how the youth during Jehoiakim’s rule would have transgressed. They would’ve invited Daniel to be a part of their fun. But Daniel watched his ways and trusted in God. That is why even when he was taken as an exile and was asked to serve a heathen king, he kept his stand to serve the King of Kings.

Today’s world is so alluring. Swanky gadgets, plush malls, fancy lifestyle, exuberant salaries and luxuries. There is nothing that could remind us of God. People who were faithful to God in their little have started fading away from God as their luxuries increased. My question to you today is “What are you today?” An entangled slave of what the world is or a person who makes a difference however the world is?

Look at Daniel! He kept his cool, walked in His ways ignoring how the others were. In further chapters down there comes a situation when the King decreed that no one should worship any other god (6:7). I like the verse which says “When Daniel learnt about this he prayed three times a day as usual”. Remember, Daniel had grown in his status and was in a high position in the kingdom. I am still amazed that his progress in status, money or fame, nothing shook his foundation in his God.

Shouldn’t we be making a difference in today’s world? We can’t blame the world for our callousness. It high time we get back on the highway with God!

Lord, forgive me for my carelessness. Please help me to have the first love and make a difference to everyone around me. Amen