It’s that time of the year when we begin to start getting our investments right to save some tax so that our income will reach us!!. Yes, I’m talking about the investments for saving income tax. I was just updating the details on my company website, when I found out that couple of receipts of insurance was missing!!!

How could that be??…I had reminders in place and also bill pay set up through my banking website, but still, I was not able to locate the receipts. Having confirmed that I had not paid the amount due for the year, I rushed to the branch with my worst fears of penalties to be paid with interest and ensuring that the policy was in force, so that I can derive the benefits due.

I reached out to the clerk at the front desk and when I told her my policy no, she replied to my utter disbelief – ‘Your policy is paid in FULL’ – no further payments required and it will mature in 2016. What!!!!, I just couldn’t believe my ears and insisted on checking it again and to prove it, she pulled out a print out of the policy details, which said ‘PAID IN FULL’.

What a similarity to what the Lord Jesus had done for us on the cross many years back – He paid up for our sins in FULL, so that we need not run from pillar to post, to cross check, but just to believe and be saved!!!. But in spite of the payment being made in FULL, we still keep searching and not understanding on what He has done for us.

The message is clear that our Lord Jesus had paid in FULL at the cross when He said (John 19:30) ‘It is finished’. So, let’s not be worried and not certain of what the Lord Jesus has given us and let us rest in the assurance of the cross on which he paid in FULL!!! Amen